About Us

Electrodiction is a revolutionary concept that was envisaged by a group of professors to offer an unsurpassed channel for electronics training. This platform creates an all-inclusive approach that teaches, guides and updates members through an interactive portal. The team compromises of 15 highly qualified professors who have extensive understanding and knowledge and aims to simplify education through basic Electronics video tutorials. The founding pillars of Electrodiction have also contributed to Eximius Research, an online utility portal for students.

Mission & Vision

Electrodiction operates with a mission to "Offer transparency in understanding complex subject matter through a practical approach." Students often fail to understand the subject matter through theory because of its dull approach. An area where practical approach prevails at the very basic level generates curiosity among students to learn and develop from the given opportunity. A quality is learning experience on basic electronics courses online that gives them an edge of others in their league.

The vision for Electrodiction stands as "To create a channel of virtual assistance whereby professors can reach and nourish children who are interested in making a delightful career in the realm of Electronics & Communication." The focus is totally upon developing a fresh channel that enhances the level of understanding between the tutor and the child. Hence, the electronics video classes provide an interactive platform where learning basic electronics operates at the optimum level.

Electrodiction understands that education is considered to be fruitful only when students show interest in the related subjects and therefore, offers the students with advanced mode of electronics classes.

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